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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Aldi Vs. Costco Price Guide

A huge thank you to my friend Tracy! She took care of making a link to my Aldi/Costco price guide so that you can all have a copy of it if you would like. All you have to do is click on the link below and print it out!

Let me explain the layout so you know how to use the list. It is set up like a spreadsheet and organized in the following way. There are 6 columns that include: Item Type (frozen, canned, pantry, etc.), Item, Aldi Price, Aldi Price Per (price per pound, ounce, can, etc.), Costco Price, Costco Price Per.

Many of the items are listed by name brand. These name brands apply only to Costco of course since Aldi carries only their own store brand. In the price per columns I have highlighted in red the store that has the best price. If both stores have the same price then neither is highlighted and if one store does not carry a particular item you will see n/a in the price columns.

There are certain things obviously missing from this list. One of those things is milk. I always buy milk at either Costco or Aldi because they are always the cheapest. However milk prices fluctuate like crazy so it would be futile to try to keep it on a list like this. Produce prices fluctuate as well so they are not included. I usually shop produce based on weekly sale prices. Finally, you will not find fresh meat prices on this list because, while both Aldi and Costco have meat prices that are better than regular grocery store prices, grocery store meat sales are always better than Aldi and Costco meat prices.

Armed with that information please feel free to print out and use this price guide. I have found it to be helpful if I am wondering if a grocery store deal is really good or not. I can check the price against my guide to know for sure. You can get the guide at the following link: COSTCO/ALDI PRICE GUIDE.


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